Recommended Products

Welcome to my curated page of recommended baby products.
Here is a small selection of tried and tested baby items based on recommendations from other baby massage mums.

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Matchstick Monkey:

This teething toy and gel applicator from Matchstick Monkey provide a safe and soothing remedy for your baby's gum discomfort during teething, while also aiding in the development of their motor skills. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to grasp and its soft, flexible texture allows for gentle application of teething gels or granules to alleviate your baby's discomfort.

Many babies in my baby massage classes find comfort in chewing on these adorable teething monkeys.

Infatot Teething Mitten:

This teething mitten is the ultimate solution to your baby's teething discomfort! Engineered for maximum comfort and safety, this innovative mitten is designed to be easy to hold and easy to clean, making it a hassle-free option for parents. Unlike traditional fabric teething mittens, this eliminates the risk of choking hazards with its durable, BPA-free silicone construction. Say goodbye to dropped teething toys and hello to worry-free soothing for your little one's gums.

Training Toothbrush:

This set helps babies to learn to brush their teeth effectively with two brushes: a cleaning trainer and a brushing trainer. The cleaning trainer is intended for chewing, gently cleaning and massaging gums and palate, while the brushing trainer helps children become accustomed to using a toothbrush and gently cleans their first teeth. Additionally, it includes a protective ring/toothbrush stand for added convenience.

Silver sensory "blanket"

Believe it or not but these silver foil emergency blankets are a wonderful sensory toy for babies. I cut one up into smaller strips and the babies love flapping it about and screwing it in their hands. They love the scrunchy sound, the reflections and it's just super sensory fun for them1!

*Warning though - don't leave your baby unattended with a big stretch of the blanket in case they roll themselves up and become a hot dog!

Electric Baby Nail File

Do you feel like your baby's nails grow long each day?

Are you worried about your baby scratching their face while sleeping, playing, or learning to grasp things?

But are you equally nervous about cutting their nails for fear of nipping their little fingers and toes?

If so, you need a Baby Nail File which has different file textures for each stage of the baby's development and a handy storage case. This file ensures no dreaded nipping!

Cradle Cap Brush

Cradle cap is a harmless skin condition that's common in babies and the main symptom is patches of greasy, scaly skin on the head. It can be quite tricky to get rid of however this 3-step regimen effectively removes flakes!

Begin by lathering up your baby's head using the soft foam sponge with baby soap, cradle cap shampoo, or oil. Next, loosen the flakes on your baby's scalp by gently massaging in a circular motion with the gentle bristle brush, specially contoured to fit your baby's head. Finally, lift away the flakes from your baby's scalp and hair using the fine-tooth comb to banish cradle cap for good.

This flake-removing regimen is not only effective but also gentle, featuring super soft, dense sponge and gentle bristles designed for sensitive baby skin without compromising on effectiveness.

Star Fleece Blanket

Crafted from ultra-soft premium materials, the Star Wrap eliminates the need for bulky layered blankets, keeping your baby warm and snug in cold weather with its super-soft fleece. Shaped like a star for optimal comfort, it features an adorable tassel hood and hand openings, ensuring your little one stays cozy without feeling weighed down. Effortless to use during travel, whether in a sling or pram, simply bundle up your baby in the Star Wrap and secure the straps over it for quick and easy protection. With no buttons, zips, or poppers, it slips on effortlessly, ideal for busy parents on the go. Perfect for baby-wearing in cold weather, its thin and lightweight design provides warmth and cosiness, ensuring your baby's fingers and toes are completely protected against the chill!

There are 2 different brands of star fleece blanket bought by the mums on my courses:

Clair De Lune

Tuppence and Crumble

Vest Extenders

Ever had a vest which fits in the body but is too tight in the length, and if you go up a vest size for the length they are baggy on the body?

Here is the solution! - vest extenders! These popper on to the bottom of baby vests and extend the length under the crotch.

Coverall Weaning Bib

Let's not beat around the bush here, weaning is MESSY! Even if you go down the spoon-fed route their little hands will want to pick up the food and touch it and the food will go everywhere!

But check out these coverall bibs which not only cover the baby but also the highchair table so at the end of the meal you just need to strip the baby down and carefully fold up the bib and then deposit all detritus into the bin!

There's a reason so many mums have recommended these to me!

Weaning books

Weaning is daunting and often new-mums just don't know where to begin.

I reached out to the mums on my baby massage course who have now gone through the weaning process to see what books they recommend and these are the unanimous results.

Rockit Rocker

I think most parents can relate to the need (maybe often, maybe occasionally) to have to rock their baby’s pushchair to get them to sleep, and then that dreaded moment happens when the baby wakes up because you stopped the jiggling. However the Rockit Rocker is this amazing device that you attach to your pram, pushchair or car seat and it will safely rock your pushchair for you, keeping your baby moving – and snoozing – for longer. And what’s more is that it frees up your hands from having to rock or juggle the pushchair.

Snooze Shade

Does your baby prefer to sleep in the dark? Or are you wanting to protect your baby from the sun? These Snooze Shades are brilliant. I used them with all 4 of my children and they are still being recommended by mums.

White noise machine

This device is a portable white noise machine that is a combination of being a noise blocker, night light and sleep soother all in one.

The 2 white noise machines recommended by mums are: